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Our cutting-edge security systems put safety at your fingertips and give you a way to protect your home and business from break-ins and fires no matter where you are. We are the #1 alarm company in the Virgin Islands.



Senior Care


Making sure that everything is OK with your loved ones at home.

A proactive home monitoring system that alerts you if there’s a change in daily living activities that could indicate a problem.
Perfect if you do not live close to your loved ones or want reassurance that your loved ones are safe at ho
me. HomeLink can also be used to monitor your child's activities.

Security Systems

Help is only one call away.

Allied Security offers award-winning home security monitoring services 24/7/365. The control panel connects you directly to our monitoring team in case of burglaries, fire, or carbon monoxide emergencies, which saves valuable time.

Security Camera

Keep an eye on everything.

Keep your home and family secure from burglars with Allied Security Outdoor Cameras. These cameras act as vigilant eyes to help you monitor your property and ensure safety for you and your loved ones. By providing access to live footage on your smartphone or Smart Hub, you can stay alert and informed about any suspicious activity. Choose Allied Security Outdoor Cameras for peace of mind and dependable protection.

Gate Operators

Open and close with a push of a button. 

Having a gate is crucial to ensure the security of your property and provide you with peace of mind. However, if you frequently need to enter and exit your premises, it is advisable to install an automatic gate opener to facilitate the process. An automatic gate opener can save you time and effort, making it a worthwhile investment.

Smart Locks

Say Goodbye to Keys.

Enjoy true keyless entry with our smart lock system that uses codes or smartphone Bluetooth proximity sensors. Our Smart Home app lets you manage your entire smart home system easily and conveniently from anywhere in the world. With just one app, you can control every aspect of your smart home, turning your smartphone into a smart home hub.

Mesh WiFi

Improve wifi coverage around your house.

A mesh network is a network of devices that act together to form a single network, providing multiple sources of connectivity around your home instead of relying on a single router.

Smart Control

In control. Anytime, anywhere.

Managing your smart home has never been easier with the Smart Home app. You can control every aspect of your home automation system from your smartphone, making it convenient and efficient. With this app, your smartphone transforms into a smart home hub, giving you the ability to manage your home from anywhere at any time.

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