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Professionally Monitored Self-Installed DIY Security Systems

Allied Security provides professionally monitored self-installed security systems. Our DIY system offers professional-grade security at a price anyone can afford.

Easy to install, wireless and scalable, the system is perfect for renters and condos. Robust enough for full home coverage. Add additional sensors and protection as you need it. Your system will communicate to our central station via internet radio. When a device is activated, the control panel will alert our central station and your cell phone simultaneously - giving you the peace of mind of  knowing your home, family, and belongings will always be protected.

diy security system
security system

System Features:

  • Modern design, smart sensors

  • The touchpad can be wall mounted or comes equipped with a stand

  • Up to 64 sensors and 48 users

  • Fast internet communications

  • Control your system with your smartphone from anywhere

  • View real-time system and zone status

  • View history, receive notifications and alerts

  • Add high-quality WIFI Cameras

  • Push notifications for alarms and other system events.

Customer Self Install Video

Simple as 1, 2, 3
Call: 340-775-1600

Begin Building Your Security System Today!

DIY Installation Instructions

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