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Intrusion Products

Commercial and Residential Security Systems.

security system

A smashing failure.

Our technology ensures that the system works, even if a bad guy smashes it.


No wires to cut.

100% wireless means burglars can’t disable the system.


No power? No problem.

Battery backup keeps you safe, even if the power goes out.

Looking out. So nothing gets in.

Smart sensors will add an extra layer of protection to vulnerable spots throughout your home and business. If windows or doors are breached while your system is armed, you’ll receive an alert through the security panel and the TC Smart Home app. Allied Security 24/7 monitoring will also be alerted and can assist in an emergency situation.

door contact
glass break

Worrying about broken windows?

Allied Security Glass Break Detectors combined with our 24/7 monitoring mean if a window is broken, you’ll know, and so will we. So leave the house or go to bed at night with confidence. We will be there to hear the alarm and help keep you, your family, and your business safe.

Keeping home safe and secure.

Consider motion sensors your favorite new layer of protection and comfort. When your system is armed, and you’re away, any unexpected movement will sound an alarm, notifying our 24/7 monitoring center to ensure the safety and security of your home and business.

motion sensor
smoke detector

The tools to take action no matter where you are.

If a fire breaks out while you're at work, you'll still be the first to know. Connecting your Smoke Detector to a home security system provides not only an audible fire alarm but also sends notifications to the monitoring station and the TC Smart Home app on your phone.

Securing what matters most.

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